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Do tax cuts increase income or income inequality?

 Do tax cuts increase income or income inequality?  Republicans maintain that decreasing taxes will increase economic activity and benefit everyone. Republican economic consultant Arthur Laffer said cutting taxes → increased economy → more tax revenue. But this did not happen from 1981-2008 when Republicans held the White House for 20 years. Tax revenues were flat under […]

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Defense spending accounts for much (or all?) of the federal debt

If the US defense budgets were 72% less, there would be no debt   But the defense budget isn’t the only cause of the federal debt.  Other commonly cited causes are:   The impact of defense spending on a family’s budget keeps getting larger     The Republican plan to increase defense spending by $2 […]

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Borrow and spend – Red ink everywhere from 1981-2008

Debt goes up when income falls and spending goes up. The annual change after inflation is what’s being graphed above. The Federal Debt grew 14.8% a year under President Obama, for instance. There’s a lot of talk about the huge growth in the federal debt, but what caused it? A poor economy A poor economy […]

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Economic indicators described – Democrats superior to Republicans 1981-2008

How do these numbers relate to the average American? Higher GDP – Gross Domestic Product – under Democrats  Higher Democrat GDP of .6% amounts to a $94 billion larger economy based on the 2012 GDP of $15.6 trillion dollars. Higher stock market returns under Democrat administrations At the annual Democrat return of 14.3%, your stock portfolio doubles in […]

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1981 to 2008 – Democrats are Superior in 8 of 9 Indicators

What’s graphed above is the annual change in the indicator.  For instance, US Stocks earned 14.3% per year (capital appreciation plus dividends) after inflation from 1981-2008 when a Democrat was in the White House, but only 3.7% per year in the 20 years when a Republican was in the White House. So which party was better […]

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