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Economic indicators described – Democrats superior to Republicans 1981-2008

How do these numbers relate to the average American? Higher GDP – Gross Domestic Product – under Democrats  Higher Democrat GDP of .6% amounts to a $94 billion larger economy based on the 2012 GDP of $15.6 trillion dollars. Higher stock market returns under Democrat administrations At the annual Democrat return of 14.3%, your stock portfolio doubles in […]

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1981 to 2008 – Democrats are Superior in 8 of 9 Indicators

What’s graphed above is the annual change in the indicator.  For instance, US Stocks earned 14.3% per year (capital appreciation plus dividends) after inflation from 1981-2008 when a Democrat was in the White House, but only 3.7% per year in the 20 years when a Republican was in the White House. So which party was better […]

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